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Raw Feeding Tips From Tracey Ferguson of CVB Bullies:

I feed my dogs 3% of their body weight (Adult) 10% of body weight for puppies or 3% of projected body weight of Muscle Meat (twice a day)
I feed 1% of their body weight (adult) or projected body weight (puppies) of organ meat
I add 1 tsp of Kelp to one of the two meals
I add 1 tsp of Diatamaceous Earth (Food Grade) to one of the two meals - natural wormer
I add 1 tsp of bone meal to one of the two meals every day except the day that I give a chicken neck
I add 1 cap of Apple Cider Vinegar every other day to one of the two meals
I give 1 Fish Oil pill and 1 Vitamin E pill (1 per 50 lbs) to one of the two meals

Here is what a meal for an adult (65 lb)dog at my house looks like:
1 lb groud beef
1.5 oz of kidney, liver, or gizzard
1 tsp D - Earth
1 tsp Kelp
1 tsp Bone Meal
1 Fish Oil Pill
1 Vitamin E Pill
Periodically I add egg with shell and various vegetables
Hope this is what you were looking for,
Tracey Ferguson
Chosen Valley Bulldogges

When you have a litter that needs some help, and you need to suppliment or become Mommy - JaNae Hodge of Legends of Olde Kennel has a natural formula recipe...
Puppy formula recipe: 
1 3/4 cups goat milk raw or regular (not canned) 
1/4 cup buttermilk
1 tbsp unflavored greek yoghurt
1/2 tsp powdered calf colostrum
1/2 tsp nutra cal 
1 raw egg yolk
1 tsp powdered nuvet suppliment
Mix thoroughly and filter before placing in a clean glass quart jar. Feed 1 cc per ounce of body weight at each feeding (or little more).

Satan Balls are used to help when a dog needs to gain weight.

Satin Balls appear to have developed in the show community, as an uncooked, homemade dog food to improve coats and put weight on a skinny dog, quickly. Many recipe variations have proliferated on the internet, but a few are mentioned frequently. The dog rescue community also uses Satin Balls to put weight on underweight dogs. The following recipe combines the best elements of two of the most common recipes circulating on the internet.

Satin Balls:
10 pounds raw ground beef, 70%-85% lean
18 ounces Total Multi-grain cereal (or other vitamin-fortified, unsweetened cereal
2 pounds oatmeal, uncooked regular or quick oats (not instant oats)
20 ounces wheat germ
1 ¼ cup canola oil
1 ¼ cup unsulfured molasses
10 hard-boiled eggs and shells, crushed and minced
10 envelopes unflavored gelatin
¼ teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon minced garlic

Combine all ingredients and mix well. Divide into freezer bags in daily ration portions (some divide into 10 equal portions, others 14, and I divide it into one-pound packs). Flatten out the filled bags to expel air and completely fill the bags, and to reduce freezing/thawing times. Seal and place the bags in the freezer in a single layer. Once frozen, the bags can be stacked. For travel, the frozen bags can be placed in a cooler and used to chill other items until needed. Break thawed meat mixture into chunks or roll into meatballs. Feed raw as a meal or supplement.

Yield: approx. 17 pounds @ 1275 calories/pound.